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Tote Bags

Fantastic Tote Bags featuring either an individual artwork/photo or a group artwork/..

Premium Services

Premium Service Offering. For a small additional cost we will package products by STUDENT an..

Fitness Fun While Kids Learn

We just love scouring the web for the best activities for you to do with your children. Here's a..

27 Fabulous Activities To Do With Your Children

At Crazy Camel not only do we love providing wonderful fundraising solutions, but we also love s..

Introducing Our 2019 Theme

We think you're going to love our 2019 Crazy Camel Calendar and Planner theme. With eve..

Sorting sheets make order processing easier

To make it easier to check your order when it arrives back to you we now include a sorting sheet..

Winners of the Apple iPad Minis!

Newsletter Template Email Hi, our iPad M..